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Monday, April 13, 2009

Creative Linen Design Ideas...

There are a couple of preliminary steps in creating your linen design. First, ask yourselves what style and mood do you both want for your wedding day. Are you casual, sophisticated or romantic? Next, take several photographs of the site to reference as you read through the above ideas. This will be a key step while brainstorming through each idea. Some ideas will become clear while others will prove to be unsuitable for your particular setting.

Now the fun begins. We must now look at the "specifics":

• Location/Setting
• Available Space
• No. of Guest
• Mood/Theme
• Color Scheme
• Time of Day
• Budget
• Family Traditions

The Location/Setting can be the major factor in determining the entire design outcome. If the party is at a golf course clubhouse, then the view should be incorporated in the party. Also, the golf theme can be incorporated into the event. The layout of the room can vastly alter the

The Mood/Theme can be anywhere from romance to sports to classy. To set the mood, lighting is a major factor. The subtlest uplighting and candle-lighting can create that romantic feeling. Another way to enhance your theme is with props. The sports party can have hanging team banners or jerseys whichever is appropriate for the sport.

Budget does not need to be a buzz killer for your event. As long as you plan in advance, you can create extravagance with the lowest budget. Adding small, inexpensive details is the key to saving. Put in extra effort for the details (such as adding sashes to your chairs) and people will not notice your budgeted areas.

If you take in to account all of the key factors of your event, you can play around with the formula to create the perfect setting for you perfect event. Plan ahead and reap the benefits!

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